WE LOVE WHAT WE DO – and you will too

Training is fun

The best thing you can do for your dog is to spend a couple of minutes a day training. That’s all it takes to build your relationship. You’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment and your dog will LOVE the attention.

There really isn’t a difference between training manners and fun tricks so we mix it up. We teach you to help your dog learn new behaviors, and your dog figures out that training and performing is rewarding.

Reduce your stress

Walking a dog that pulls is stressful – for both of you. Discovering the chewed pieces of a favorite shoe doesn’t improve anyone’s life

Working together we are going to set boundaries so you – and your dog – know what’s allowed and what isn’t. Then we are going to set you up for success. Dog proofing your house, having the right tools to make it work and the support to be consistent.

We’ve figured it out – so you don’t have to

It’s not magic, but you have to know what to do. With a combined 30+ years of training we’ve run into lots of problems and figured out how to fix them.

We use well established principles of Positive Reinforcement Training.  When the dog does the behavior we are looking for they get rewarded. If you are interested in learning more about Operant Conditioning we have a page explaining it and lots of resources


We train in your home because That’s where the behaviors start

While it’s important that your dog learns to manage out in the world, the fact is that you spend most of your time together in, and around your home. That’s why we start all the foundation behaviors there.


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Our Team

John Rex

John Rex

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Julia Loren

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